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Questions & Answers

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Isn't it easier for me to initiate a dispute online directly with the credit bureaus?

You can initiate a dispute online with the credit bureaus directly. However, the most fundamental Dispute Code (Inaccurate) is not available with online disputes. Moreover, some of the other Dispute Codes (Identity Theft / Fraud and Unauthorized Inquiry) require you to mail your dispute with your ID’s, regardless if you initiated the dispute online. Therefore, the most effective and efficient method of dispute is through mail.

Why do you call it "Dispute Codes" as opposed to "Dispute Reasons"?

The credit bureaus utilize a unique Dispute Code Number, which is assigned to each Dispute Reason. After we learned this information, we decided we wanted to call dispute reasons: Dispute Codes.

Should the Dispute Letters be typed/printed or handwritten?

Typed/Printed. You want to make sure that your dispute is as clear and legible as possible.

Do I need to sign the Dispute Letters?

No. However, it’s perfectly fine if you want to sign the bottom of the Dispute Letters.

What if my credit report is not showing the Account Number or Date of my Dispute Item?

If the Account Number is not listed, then use the Date. If the Date is not listed, then use the Dollar Amount (if the Dollar Amount is unique). You can use anything that uniquely identifies the Dispute Item.

How and when do I receive the results of my disputes?

You will receive the results of your disputes via mail, in about 30 days. The credit bureaus will also mail you an updated copy of your credit report in addition to your dispute results.